Transport is rightly called the backbone of the institute. It is the department that helps to make the institute go high. The best service provided by the institute has made the Gurukul institute spread its wings everywhere. Almost 200 villages are benefitting from the transport facility. It is the buses which have enabled the students living in the interior rural part to have education in different fields.

All buses of the institute are GPS System Enabled. We have vigilant eyes on all the buses/vans belongs to the institute, so every second we know which bus is running on which route along with their exact location, {Global Positioning System}. Our transport inspectors and invigilators are connected with drivers of the buses through wireless communicators. We can see them on our computer screen through satellite so every driver of the bus is aware that he is been watched. This is to ensure extra security.
Still we are looking forward to make it more convenient for everybody.


  • A fleet of 50 busses serves 60 km radius.
  • Well trained and expert drivers.
  • Every bus with a fixed route and a permanent mobile number with every driver.
  • Pick & drop facility from the most convenient stoppages available for students.
  • SMS facility to avoid any inconvenience to students and parents.
  • Message to parents in case of bus arriving late at the stoppage.
  • CCTV camera fitted in every bus.