Value Education System:  

The need of the hour is to lay stress on the moral values and provide holistic touches to the teenagers and grownups. The world is passing through a great transformation but educational institute’s motto should be to make the students aware about their past culture, glorious traditions and strong social bonds. For this we happily wish birthday to every member of Gurukul family (students and teachers) and gift them a special mug indicating the bond within the family. For this, time to time ethical tinges are sprinkled on the students. We also try to investigate the flaws and discover the Gold mine of virtues, which make the students positive, awakened and enhance the ability to learn quickly. This technique influences the value of Acceptance in the journey of education life.


  • We start the day with Morning Prayer.
  • Meditation
  • Yoga (Celebration of Yoga Day on 21st of June.)
  • We repeatedly conduct:
  • Art of Living programs like
  •         – YES PLUS program
  •         – Basic course (compulsory for all.)
  •         – Happiness Program
  • We start the New Year with Shri Akhand Path Sahib, Community Meal (Langar) is prepared by the students and Transport Dept, is served to all.
  • On 13th of Jan, Sukhmani Sahib Path is recited by all school and college students. Where students prepare Community meal (Langar) by themselves and serve to all.
  • In the evening Dhiyaan di Lohri is celebrated with great pump and show.

All these things make the students bubble with new life, a fresh healthy and sweet smile, which brightens their harmonious personalities. These activities are essential to make them ready to face the challenges of academic world and give us meritorious results.